LED & Neon

LED Retrofits
West side over loading dock, Mississauga location.  Mississauga Road @ 407
Compare to South side which is still neon.


******  UP TO 80% Energy Savings  *******

Using 72ft of LED lighting product for an 8 foot letter only pulls 0.88 amps.

With neon you would need 125ft of neon to fill the same 8 foot letter

and will pull at least 8 amps of power.

That is approximately $285 savings per year, just for this one 8 foot letter.



Unlike neon that has to run on a very high voltage of 15,000 Volts, with out the

steady maintenance can become very dangerous.

LED only operaters on 12 volts.

Very little heat emitted and is very safe to use.

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